A family participates in the four generation challenge.

Social media is a more wholesome place this week after a video meme from China depicting four generations of family members under one roof has gone viral.

What is it: The "four generations challenge" begins with a child walking into a room and calling back to their parent, who in turn walks into the same room and calls back to their parent and so forth until four generations of family members have entered the room.

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Where did it start: Appearing to originate on Douyin, China's version of the popular video app TikTok, the "four generations" challenge caught the attention of the West last weekend when Buzzfeed reporter Kassy Cho posted a video of a family participating in the challenge on her Twitter account.

Now: Since the challenge went viral, families from around the world, including the Philippines, India and United States have posted their own "four generations" challenge videos online.

Check out a few of these videos below (warning: they may make you really miss your parents or grandparents).