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Letter to the editor

The increase in police officer shootings should cause all of us great alarm. My heart breaks when I see the lack of support and respect police officers are getting now, putting their lives in danger.

We have had a decline in the safety of not only the police, but every citizen in this country. The disrespect that has been so widely accepted by some has put our military personnel and officers, who have taken an oath to protect each one of us, at a greater risk.

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We can no longer just give lip service to this problem. When we see something, we need to speak up, we can do more to help protect those who so unselfishly work to protect us. Violence in our society, sooner rather than later, will surely affect every one of us.

Stop being so willing to accept and excuse violent behavior. The highway slogan of "Zero Fatalities" should apply to every killing we are experiencing. Every violent death is too much and should be unacceptable.

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake