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Letter to the editor

With our country facing many important and critical issues, we were very disappointed that Sen. Mitt Romney chose to divert the narrative by writing an op-ed in the Washington Post attacking the leadership of President Donald Trump.

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Mitt Romney was elected to represent the people of the state of Utah in the United States Senate. He should do that by working productively with President Trump and other Republicans for the good of the country and not by engaging in character attacks or unproductive name-calling. There is a huge difference between disagreeing with a person and attacking a person’s character.

Mitt Romney would be well advised to follow the example of Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee and focus his energy on serving the people of the state of Utah and not pursuing any self-serving agenda. If Mitt Romney were to do that, maybe he would achieve his own admonition and rise “to the mantle of the office” of a United States senator.

Larry and Sue Denham