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Letter to the editor

I was very disappointed to see Sen. Mike Lee’s suggestion that Sen. Mitt Romney should take a “mulligan” with respect to his recent op-ed in the Washington Post.

As a Utah Republican voter for almost 40 years, my concern is with the seemingly unlimited number of mulligans strangely granted by the Republican Party to the president of the United States during the past two years.

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The inexplicable and enabling silence of many party leaders during this critical time is in stark contrast with their sudden outcry against a freshman senator who dares to present a different point of view. If these supposed leaders put their ears to the ground very soon, it may not be too late to hear the thundering roar of voters as they stampede away from a party that appears to be more intent on preserving its day in the sun than on perpetuating American democracy.

For the sake of our state and our country, let’s hope that Sen. Romney continues to speak the truth as he sees it.

David Sloan

Salt Lake City