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FILE - January is National Radon Action Month and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality is offering 100 free test kits. The kits can also be purchased for $9. Radon is colorless and odorless and the greatest cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers.

SALT LAKE CITY — State environmental regulators say 1 out of every 3 homes in Utah has elevated levels of radon, an odorless, tasteless gas that is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert declared January National Radon Action Month, and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality gave away 100 free radon test kits in just a few hours Monday morning.

To request a kit for $9, visit and click on the link to request a free test.

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The agency says the winter months are a good time to test for radon because doors and windows are closed and readings are more likely to be accurate.

Most radon exposure comes from indoor radon, which is a natural decay product of uranium.

A 2003 analysis by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded prolonged radon exposure causes an estimated 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year.

If elevated radon levels are detected in a home, the state agency offers a list of certified mitigators on its website.