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Letter to the editor

In Sunday's Opinion section there was a letter to the editor from a recreational scuba diver who described how he had dived all over the world.

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I know other scuba divers like that, and they're passionate about the recreational pursuit. My acquaintances typically get there with a group of their friends who fly from their hometowns with all of their equipment, enjoy the dives, the time together and then fly, with their equipment, back home.

There is a bit of a difference between my acquaintances and the submitter of the letter, however. Unlike him, they don't get all preachy and start to scold mankind about all of the damage he is doing to the environment, causing global warming and killing the reefs of world.

When human-caused global warming promoters get serious enough about the subject to reduce their own carbon footprint, I'll begin to take them credibly.

Robert Darby