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Gov. Gary Herbert is proposing an extra $5 million for when defendants can't afford an attorney. When can the public expect an extra $5 million in 2019 to address the critical shortage of law enforcement officers in this community?

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Just last week, the University of Utah Police Department went under fire for the lack of response in the tragic death of student Lauren McCluskey. Law enforcement is in big trouble in this community. The governing body in this state has resulted in a critical shortage of law enforcement personnel. The "best and brightest" cannot be recruited because of deplorable pay and the decimation of their retirement carried out by the state Legislature in 2010.

The Legislature seats again this month. The governor and Legislature cannot afford to refuse to address the critical shortage we now face. The money must be laid on the table to hire more officers this year and their retirement incentive brought back to pre-2010 levels. Our very lives may depend on it.

Gail Groves

North Salt Lake