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There are many alternatives to an expensive border wall.

Perhaps the best alternative is an expensive sea level canal from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. The cost of the canal will be paid by fees charged to shipping companies in Europe, Asia and the American East and West coasts. Mexico should be happy to help finance the cost because they could also share the canal access fees.

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We already have an abundance of excavation devices. Many nuclear weapons can be easily modified to safely perform the excavation. Nuclear devices used for excavation are completely legal or should be made legal. Those who object should be handed a pick and shovel and told to dig until they can prove that their way is the best way.

Perhaps the second-best alternative to a border wall is for the people in northern Mexico, including the refugees, to secede from Mexico and let them petition for a relationship similar to the former Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico governments. In that way, instead of trying to physically get into the USA, they can import the USA into their land.

Wallace Haynes

West Valley