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We need to politically mix things up.

The deficit, skyrocketing health care costs, decaying infrastructure, families falling apart, crime, the ongoing Afghanistan war … what this nation needs is the "perfect storm" of new ideas.

Real storms require the warm and cool air to mix. Sure, it may become a little rough; the lightning, high winds, large hail and maybe even a tornado, but at the end it brings the life-saving rain to quench our thirst and feed our crops. It may even bring a beautiful rainbow. Keeping the air masses separate brings nothing but a drought.

Our partisan politics are those two air masses kept separate. Republicans versus Democrats and conservative media versus mainstream media all continue to not mix things up and report only one view, talk over opposing points of views. Our nation will continue to be in a severe drought of "political" new ideas.

Like a real storm, mixing our political air masses will be a little rough as well, though well worth it.

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Jason Chaffetz is saying on Fox News to not mix things up, not go against Trump or conservative news talking points. Not like Romney. Our nation will continue to not ever have that "perfect storm" of political new ideas.

So next summer as we pray for rain during another severe Utah drought, think about our political drought, our partisan politics. What we need is to "love one another" and listen to opposing political views.

Mix them and then we can quench our thirst for answers.

David Thelen