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In many ways I can relate to former President George W. Bush's tender emotions amidst the difficult days of sadness with the recent loss of his beloved father. Earth life must mean "test time," for we are each, evidently, subject to challenges while residing in mortality, but from that we may gain growth and maturity.

During my 80 plus years of life, I've had a multiplicity of various trials, even some severe and death-related.

They have been from experiences of losing my sweet, 30-minute-old infant sister to serving as a women's organization president when, during our five years of presidency, we helped with the funerals of 33 neighbors we loved.

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Participants at a memorial service for the Bush family wove a verbal common thread of honorable qualities — of the deceased. This sacred occasion elevated our spirits to desire to be better.

In President Bush's concluding words, he told how he envisions his father, seeing him hugging his daughter and hold his wife, Barbara's, hand again.

The president's sobering sharing brought not only hope, but was poignant and brought refreshing, comforting love and peace.

It seems innate with people to feel, or want to believe, that life continues after death.

Carolyn Freebairn

Salt Lake City