Letter to the editor

I’m a recreational scuba diver who’s very distressed by the gradual but devastating changes to the ocean environment as sea temperatures rise. I’ve been diving for over 30 years and have traveled to Palau following a warming El Nino. Crumbling gray rubble had replaced the vibrant fields of coral I’d expected to see.

I’ve gone diving around the globe to Indonesia, Africa and Tahiti, to name a few. Everywhere the story is the same. Coral is disappearing in the tropics. Schools of sardines which feed marine mammals and fish are languishing in the Galapagos. The Fjords of Norway are too warm for herring to feed, forcing them into the open ocean and displacing orcas who feed on them.

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To help others understand, imagine going to Yellowstone only to find the forests and wildlife mostly obliterated. Ocean life is experiencing something similar.

Nonpartisan scientists (those not affiliated with fossil fuel industries) tell us these changes are mainly caused by excess fossil fuel use. I urge us to join together, in a nonpartisan fashion, as our communities have done with other natural calamities, to solve this problem so our world can sustain life in all its glorious forms.

LeRoy Anderson

Salt Lake City