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Let's learn from cancer care: Keep the patient healthy while destroying the spots of cancer, hopefully in pinpoint laser fashion.

Do not attack whole nations; that's like removing whole organs for spots of cancer, when laser military operations will do. The military must also improve the social health of any region.

Consider: Install hundreds of digital informational signs pointing people where to find jobs. Create cooling centers or distribute cheap ACs where it gets hot. Install a system of outdoor speakers, play simple good music to create better moods. Ads could inform people to see a soldier for jobs, ACs, other services. Assign an army of "goodwill" ambassadors to just say hello and smile to all. For every action there are like reactions. Enough actions will cause the same momentum.

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Our military should be seen on a large scale on TV, something not done since the Berlin Airlift, hauling life-saving items to people across the globe. No more tear gas, or walls built; instead our huge ships, military planes should be seen dropping life-saving water, food and medicine to people south of our border and across the globe stuck in their humanitarian crisis suffering. This will enhance the image of our military and improve worldwide "body politics."

For a better foreign policy, cancer care knowledge will help.

David Thelen