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Given that Congress so often bickers, the passage of criminal justice reform in the form of the First Step Act was refreshingly bipartisan. I imagine it was rather enjoyable for people in Congress, too. I believe everyone runs for office to find solutions, not cudgels to beat up the other party.

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Climate change is another area where bipartisanship is returning, such as the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act that has been introduced in both the House and Senate. Isn’t it nice to see people from both parties getting behind a single solution on what has been such a divisive issue? The bill would be effective too, reducing carbon emissions by 40 percent in 12 years, and giving us healthier air with less ozone and soot.

When we act with a common purpose, our nation can achieve extraordinary things. I hope Utah’s congressional delegation will study this bill and consider sponsoring it when it is re-introduced in the new year.

Steve Glaser