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The Utah congressional delegation intends to vote to name our federal courthouse after Sen. Orrin Hatch. By this act, the delegation ignores the will of the Utah Legislature. In 2013, the Legislature passed House Joint Resolution 9 that urged the congressional delegation to name the courthouse after United States Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland, the only Utahn to serve on the United States Supreme Court.

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The resolution detailed Justice Sutherland’s public service to the people of Utah, including: as a trial lawyer; founder of the Utah State Bar; overseer of the Utah State Hospital in Provo; state senator; author of Utah’s first Worker’s Compensation Statute; United States congressman; United States senator; champion of women’s suffrage and the author of the 19th Amendment giving women the vote; constitutional scholar; Supreme Court practitioner and United States Supreme Court justice from 1922 to 1938. Justice Sutherland was unanimously approved by the United States Senate the same day he was nominated by the president. The Utah Legislature rightfully found that Justice Sutherland was the most accomplished lawyer and public servant in Utah’s history.

Our congressional delegation regularly objects to Washington, D.C., dictating how public lands in Utah should be used, without first considering the wishes of the Utah citizenry and Legislature. It is too bad the delegation disregards these same wishes when it comes to recognizing public servants and naming important public buildings.

Andrew Morse

Salt Lake City