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Letter to the editor

I am grateful for the story published Dec. 19 titled “Utah doesn’t really dislike electric cars, even though it looks that way.” However, I believe that most Utah politicians dislike electric vehicles.

We need keep this issue alive. It is absolutely ludicrous to discourage electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrids with the inversions we get so frequently in the winter. I own and love a Chevy Volt and it makes me feel so good at a stoplight, when I know my car is not adding to the Cache Valley smog while others are spewing pollutants in the air.

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Now, don’t get me wrong, I also have a Ford F-150 and I hate it when I am in a similar situation; however, I drive it as little as possible, especially during inversions. I dream of a Cache Valley that has only electric vehicles in it. Think of how much safer our air would be to breathe. The idea of a mileage tax is great and fair. Adding a charge for owning electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrids is discriminatory.

If politicians were really concerned with reducing air pollution, we would have a mileage tax and increase greatly the gas tax.

Bruce Bohm