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Claims by President Trump of imminent disaster from threatening hordes of forlorn asylum seekers seems overblown.

America has plenty of capacity to successfully accommodate those threatened souls similar to our storied past of compassionate concern. Plenty of jobs are not only available but required to keep our economy humming. Churches and volunteer groups are plentiful and willing to make the transition less painful and more productive.

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No, the problem isn’t making legal entrance an impenetrable nightmare, but providing the necessary resources and manpower required to quickly and efficiently separate and process the worthy from those who aren’t. Let's spend the billions on that instead of a massive wall many experts now say is an impractical concept.

Before funding a massive barrier, let’s hold President Trump to his absolute assurance he could get Mexico to pay. Give him more time to match his guaranteed rhetoric. He seemed to quit trying as soon as Mexico initially balked. He knows he made a promise he couldn’t keep. Why should we reward a deceitful exit strategy by substituting taxpayer funding?

Raymond Hult