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Letter to the editor

During the winter season and early January, Utah’s air quality drops significantly. The horrendous air that we are breathing in comes from inversion that traps pollution within the air. However, we are contributing to inversion through our everyday lives, and the three main components involve vehicles, industries and buildings. Regardless of our actions, we are affecting pregnant and elderly citizens with the increase of polluted air.

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A few ways we can prevent the amount of pollution that enters in our air is by decreasing how often we use our vehicles. Our community can take advantage of walking, biking and supporting the development of electric cars.

Another way we can improve the air is by limiting wood burning, banning popular lawn products and limiting emissions from older buildings.

The final way of decreasing our air pollution is through controlling dust, having government regulating the amounts of air pollutions distributed by industries and allowing only a short-term amount of emissions to be distributed at a time.

Christopher Zwerin

North Salt Lake