Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office
Raul Izarraraz

SALT LAKE CITY — A man who police say threatened to shoot several people in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, and then crashed into a police car while trying to escape was charged Tuesday.

Raul Izarraraz, 26, of West Valley, was charged Tuesday in 3rd District Court with three counts of aggravated assault, a third-degree felony; failing to stop for police, a third-degree felony; DUI, a third-degree felony; and six other misdemeanors.

On Dec. 13, two girls were spotted fighting in a McDonald's parking lot in West Jordan, according to charging documents. But when a man approached to try and break it up, Izarraraz walked up to him with a handgun and told him "that if he didn't leave he would kill him," the charges state.

Izarraraz also threatened to shoot two other people who witnessed the fight, according to court documents.

A West Jordan police officer responding to the parking lot spotted Izarraraz's vehicle near 6200 South Bangerter Highway, the charges state. Izarraraz sped away, but when he attempted a U-turn near 5400 South and 2700 West he crashed into the pursuing officer, causing both cars to become inoperable, according to charging documents.

As Izarraraz got out of the car and started to run, the officer noticed he was carrying a gun, the charges state. Izarraraz tripped and fell and the officer ordered him at gunpoint to drop his weapon.

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"Izarraraz hesitated but then held his hands up as ordered," the charges state.

Police found the gun loaded with hollow-point rounds, and while clearing it "a casing that appeared to be spent came out of the chamber," according to court documents.

In 2012, Izarraraz was charged in connection with a stabbing in Salt Lake City, according to court records. The case was later dismissed, however, when prosecutors were unable to proceed because witnesses failed to show up for court, the according to court records.