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Sen. Orrin Hatch gave his farewell speech today to his Senate colleagues. It was brilliant.

He shared the concern he had that Congress and America are becoming more polarized and less civil. He talked about how he and Sen. Kennedy were polar opposites in political philosophy, and yet they were able to work together in passing important legislation for the benefit of Americans. A number of Democratic senators spoke recognizing his intellect and for being an exceptional example in his character and integrity, and for his willingness to reach across the aisle to pass such legislation as CHIPS, which is expanded health care for children.

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I have known Sen. Hatch for over 40 years. He incorporated my first company as I became an entrepreneur in a new industry — independent and assisted living — in 1976, the year he was elected to the Senate. He has been extremely helpful in assisting with important senior housing legislation in Congress over the years. I believe we in Utah should be extremely proud of Sen. Hatch’s tremendous service to America.

I also believe we have two senators going forward who are cut out of the same cloth, Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Mitt Romney.

Vaughn Pulsipher