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Letter to the editor

The farewell speech of Sen. Orrin Hatch was frustrating and discouraging.

While his calls for civility and willingness to listen to other points of view were, in theory, noble sentiments, I have never seen a clearer case of someone not practicing what he preaches.

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Simply put, Sen. Hatch has consistently called for civility, even announced that he was committing himself to it, and then engaged in very uncivil behavior. From his attack on those of us who support a health care law that keeps us alive, to derisively shouting "Grow up" to a group of protesters that included survivors of sexual assault, he has shown blatant contempt to those who try to express an opinion opposite from his.

I hope that our new senator, Mitt Romney, will hold himself to a high standard. I hope that he'll remember civility is a two-way street, not simply a concept. While many years ago Sen. Hatch did some very good work that I will always respect and admire, in recent years it has been hard to see past his uncivil partisanship.

If we are to change the current climate, we must make ourselves examples of civility before asking it of others.

Paul Gibbs

West Valley City