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In this March 19, 2018 photo, Frank Oz poses for a portrait in New York.

SALT LAKE CITY — Frank Oz isn’t too thrilled with what’s happened to the Muppets.

What’s going on: Oz, who was one of the original Muppet performers, tweeted his displeasure with how Disney has handled its acquisition of Muppets Studio, which was formerly the Jim Henson Company, according to Uproxx.

  • “I’ve said little about The Muppets under Disney. I wanted to give them time to work with the key performers to understand the heart of each character, and I didn’t want to sound like sour grapes. But I joined Jim when I was 19. I’m 74 now. It’s time,” he tweeted.
  • He added, “So far the writers Disney has employed don’t know to write for The Muppets. I imagine their hubris makes them believe they can. But the characters need writing that has depth and honesty.”

“A version of The Muppets will survive. But they won’t be true.”

He said the new writers don’t “have a clue about who Kermit really is.”

He said key Muppet performers aren’t asked to help with projects, which created more problems.

“When Disney does not want their involvement, the characters become superficial and dishonest.”

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Oz said Disney never reached out for his help.

  • “I would work with them if the script was worthwhile and under certain conditions,” he wrote. “One of the conditions is that the key performers have the final approval on what their characters will say and do. Which means I will never be asked.”

Return: The Muppets will have a show on Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ when it launches next year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Right now, you can watch a version of the Muppets with “Muppet Babies” on Disney.