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I have been quite critical of the legislature's actions over the years. But in the case of Proposition 2, I feel it was definitely in the right.

During a regular session, once a bill is determined to be worth considering, it is sent to the Legislature for further consideration and final approval. Seldom is a bill passed without modifications. But the initiative process simply presents a proposed bill to the public for approval, and the public does not have the ability to make modifications to the proposed initiative.

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Our Legislature has reserved its right and responsibility to do that, which it did for Proposition 2. Now we have an approved modified bill allowing the use of medical marijuana in our state. A perfect bill? No. But one that through public input and experience can be further modified and improved over the years.

Those opposed to the Legislature’s action need to be thankful for what they have and now work through normal legislative processes to make improvements they feel are necessary.

Fred Ash