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Jordan Strauss, Invision
Joan Collins arrives at the 2018 BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Awards at the Beverly Hilton on Friday, Oct. 26, 2018 in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

SALT LAKE CITY — “Dynasty” star Joan Collins rushed to the defense of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” this week.

“What’s going to happen to seduction is you are not going to be allowed anymore,” she argued on "Good Morning Britain" Monday. “Is someone going to have to ask permission of the parents before they can kiss a girl? It’s absolutely becoming out of control. It seems to have happened in the last two years. … It seems to get worse and worse.”

She called the song “sweet” and “gentle, kind, funny, tuneful.”

She was surprised to hear about the radio stations who banned the song, USA Today reports.

“How dare they?” she asked. “The world’s gone nuts.”

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Collins’ comments come as several celebrities and public figures weigh in on the divisive Christmas song, which has been banned by radio stations this year because of its lyrics not lining up well with the #MeToo movement.

How Americans feel about verbal consent: Americans already have thoughts about consent before kissing. The American Family Survey recently found that 33 percent of Americans say verbal consent is required before kissing someone. But 49 percent say it requires nonverbal consent and 12 percent say it doesn’t require any consent.