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"Amazing Scriptures: A Book of Mormon Adventure of Comics and Mazes" is by Norman Shurtliff.

Theses books target younger readers and share about the Book of Mormon with activities and illustrated stories and temple facts.

"AMAZING SCRIPTURES: A Book of Mormon Adventure of Comics and Mazes," by Norman Shurtliff, Cedar Fort, $13.99, 32 pages

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Norman Shurtliff is the author of "Amazing Scriptures: A Book of Mormon Adventure of Comics and Mazes."

"Amazing Scriptures: A Book of Mormon Adventure of Comics and Mazes" is a combination of a choose-your-own-adventure book, a graphic novel, an activity book full of mazes and the paper version of a video game.

It includes the scripture story of Nephi, Laman, Lemuel and Sam returning to Jerusalem to get the brass plates from Laban. Author Norman Shurtliff has incorporated an interactive quest right alongside these Book of Mormon figures as they navigate the perils (some factual, some imagined) of figuring out how to get the plates and get out.

The book begins with an explanation of how to play, including instructions for navigating mazes, collecting items, making decisions and battling enemies. Humerous interactions between the characters clarify game play and give examples of different situations readers might find themselves in, like what to do at a dead end — roll the dice and go where it leads.

An included inventory tracker helps readers keep tabs on what they have and what they've used. Some items are found and retrieved just by walking through them in the mazes. Other items are hidden in the details of each maze, "Where's Waldo" style. For those who opt to purchase the digital version, it's possible to download the inventory tracker as a PDF on the author's website at normanshurtliff.com/amazing-scriptures.html.

"Amazing Scriptures" is interesting, beautifully illustrated and entertaining for kids and adults alike. The different choices the game presents make it a new adventure with every reading.

Shurtliff grew up in British Columbia, Canada. He received bachelor's degrees in horticulture from Brigham Young University-Idaho and media arts from the Art Institute of Salt Lake City, where he currently lives with his wife and two children. "Amazing Scriptures" is his first published book, and he has other Book of Mormon adventures in the works.

— Megan Jensen

FROM LEHI TO MORONI: Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon,” by R. Coltrane, Cedar Fort, $23.99, 128 pages

Cedar Fort
“From Lehi to Moroni: Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon” is by R. Coltrane.

More than 50 stories and experiences are shared and illustrated in “From Lehi to Moroni.”

Author and illustrator R. Coltrane starts with the Book of Mormon introduction and Lehi warning the people of Jerusalem and ends with Moroni giving the plates to Joseph Smith and the translation and publication of the Book of Mormon.

In between, the stories mirror the ones in the Book of Mormon and include Nephi’s getting the brass plates, building a ship and going to the promised land; King Benjamin’s teachings; King Noah, Abinadi and Alma; Alma the Younger, the sons of Mosiah and their missionary experiences; Captains Moroni and Helaman; Jesus Christ’s visit to America, and the brother of Jared.

Each segment summarizes a scripture story in a handful or paragraphs and includes the associated scripture references. The stories are spread across a couple of pages or more and are accompanied by Coltrane’s colorful illustrations.

In the introduction, Coltrane writes, “As you read the stories in this book, think about how they apply to your life and use these teachings to become closer to God."

The book can be used to help a younger reader learn the Book of Mormon stories or in conjunction with family scripture study.

— Christine Rappleye

“250 FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT LDS TEMPLES,” by Rebekah Pitts, Cedar Fort, $13.99, 256 pages

Cedar Fort
"250 Fascinating Facts About LDS Temples" is by Rebekah Pitts.

From interesting facts about the history of temples in the scriptures to features of the Angel Moroni to information about specific temples, “250 Fascinating Facts About LDS Temples” covers a range of topics related to the sacred structures.

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With bright colors, illustrations and creative layouts, Rebekah Pitts' book shares the facts, figures and historical notes in a creative way.

Pitts shares which temple has the longest name, which temple had the shortest construction time, which cities have two temples, the different Angel Moroni statues and other statistics about temples, along with information about the Christmas light display on Temple Square.

While she does thank various individuals for help with researching the information, the sources aren’t specified.

Pitts is also the author of "250 Fascinating Facts About Latter-day Saints."

— Christine Rappleye