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A pedestrian passes Old Main on the campus of Utah State University, Friday, August 23, 2002. photo by Jeremy Harmon (Submission date: 08/23/2002)

SALT LAKE CITY ― It turns out Utah isn’t just a great place to hit the slopes. For many young people, it’s also a prime location for hitting the books.

What’s going on: WalletHub recently released a report that identified the best college towns for 2019.

According to WalletHub, the rankings were based off of 30 key indicators of academic, social and economic opportunities for students. Everything from cost of living to quality of higher education to crime rate was considered in the report.

The list included 400 U.S. cities and towns which were split up based on size. The cities then got a ranking within their size category. They also received an overall ranking.

The state of Utah had four towns featured in the rankings.

Salt Lake City

  • School: University of Utah
  • Salt Lake City placed fourth for the best midsized U.S. city for college students.
  • The city ranked 21st overall for best college town in the nation.
  • Out of 415 cities, Salt Lake placed 126th for “wallet friendliness,” 46th for “social environment’ and 133rd for “academic and economic opportunities.”


  • School: Brigham Young University
  • Provo was ranked second in the nation when compared to other small cities.
  • BYU’s hometown was also fourth in the overall ranking.
  • Provo placed 12th for “wallet friendliness,” 161st for “social environment’ and 19th for “academic and economic opportunities.”


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  • School: Utah State University
  • Logan also earned a spot on the list of best small cities, coming in at No. 20.
  • Overall, Cache Valley’s main hub was ranked 53rd in the nation.
  • Logan placed seventh for “wallet friendliness”, 196th for “social environment" and 232nd for “academic and economic opportunities.”


  • School: Utah Valley University
  • Orem came in at No. 7 for best small cities for college students.
  • Overall, the college town was ranked 13th best in the nation.
  • When compared to 415 cities, Orem placed 112th for “wallet friendliness,” 277th for “social environment’ and sixth for “academic and economic opportunities.”

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