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New Orleans Saints Taysom Hill (7) goes down after blocking a punt by Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Bryan Anger during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio)

The legend of Taysom Hill continues to grow in New Orleans.

Just when they needed a huge spark, the Saints got just that from the former BYU quarterback.

But, as has become the norm for the versatile athlete, it wasn't Hill's throwing arm that saved the day. Well, it was his throwing arm but in this case he was using it to block a punt in another one of his dazzling special teams plays.

Tampa Bay led New Orleans at the time, 14-3 with seven minutes remaining in the third quarter, when Hill burst through the line of scrimmage and dove to block the punt.

Hill's first-ever blocked punt — at any level — proved to be the turning point of the game for the Saints.

New Orleans scored 25 straight points after Hill's blocked punt to take a 28-14 victory. The win secured the division title for the Saints for the second straight game in a row.

The FOX broadcast crew was quite complimentary of Hill.

"There's one way to generate offense! We haven't talked about Taysom Hill much today. He's the Swiss Army knife of this entire team. ... What a fantastic play. The kid does everything and he does it well."

Hill credited special teams coach Mike Westhoff and defensive end Alex Okafor for helping make the special play possible.

"Man, (Okafor) draws so much attention that he took both the win and the tackle, and I got there pretty early," Hill said. "My whole thing was just, 'Don't miss the ball' because I got there so early."

Hill said Westhoff emphasized that something like the block needed to happen to awaken the Saints.

"I remember sitting on the bench next to Coach Westhoff and he said something to me like, 'Man, I've been a part of football for a long time, and this is the type of game where we as a special teams unit need to make a big play to change the momentum here,'" Hill said. "That was our mindset as a special teams unit, and that's what we were hoping for."

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Hill has been a revelation for the Saints this season as his role has grown on offense and special teams. Brees recently called him Sean Payton's "new toy."

The 6-foot-2, 221-pounder, who was nicknamed a "Thor-terback" by former BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall, has now run for a TD, converted two fake punts (one throwing, one running) and caught two passes this season, among other achievements.

"He wants to play hard because he loves the game, and you feel that," said Payton, who has long described Hill as having an "infectious" quality. "I think he's very unselfish, and that carries over because it's contagious. ... There's just some of those intangibles that he's willing to do anything — but do it well.

"So he's a very important part of our team."


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