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John Carter has inspired many after a video of his active lifestyle has gone viral.

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s pretty impressive when someone can do a backflip off the high dive, but it’s even more impressive when they can do it at 91 years old.

What’s up: John Carter is a 91-year-old grandpa from British Columbia, Canada, who is making headlines as the “world’s most extreme grandpa” after a YouTube video in which he stars has gone viral.

  • According to CBC News, the viral video features Carter doing backflips off a 10-foot-tall diving board into a swimming pool, a regular part of his weekly routine.
  • A couple of times, Carter has lost his dentures performing the stunt.
  • "I thought they were closed in good in my pocket, but the lifeguard says, 'Hey Mr. Carter, your teeth are down by the bottom of the pool,'" Carter said in the video, which was made by his granddaughter's husband.

Watch the video below:

The feel-good video also shows Carter running, snowshoeing, riding his bike and playing soccer. Activities which are all quite unusual for a 91-year-old man.

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  • “Very often I’m awake at five am and then I get up and I put on my walking shoes and nothing seems to slow me down,” Carter said.
  • CBC News reported that even though he is in his 90s, Carter feels more like he is 65 or 75 years old.
  • "Being active has been a part of my whole life. I just never quit so I never got old," Carter said, according to Pickle. "My motivation is to live a long and healthy life."

Carter has never smoked or drank alcohol and has recently started to limit his meat-eating because of his dentures, per CBC News.