Salt Lake County Jail
Grant Newman Gutierrez

SALT LAKE CITY — Witnesses recalled the man who had allegedly just shot at their car had a "blank stare" and a "crazy look," according to court documents.

On Oct. 25, Grant Newman Gutierrez, 23, of Park City, was arrested for investigation of felony aggravated assault, discharge of a firearm from a vehicle, driving under the influence, carrying a restricted firearm while driving under the influence, possession of a firearm by a restricted person and drug possession.

Gutierrez allegedly shot at a vehicle at random while driving erratically down Parleys Canyon, according to police. No one was injured.

According to a newly unsealed search warrant, Gutierrez first cut off the victim vehicle on I-80, got in front of the car and slowed down to 45 mph, the warrant states. After passing Gutierrez, the victims then spotted him speeding up and coming after them, according to court documents.

"They observed the vehicle 'all over the road' and then all of a sudden 'slowed way down' and was then behind the victims' vehicle," the warrant states.

That's when the three occupants of the car heard a loud "pop," according to the warrant.

"He's got a gun, get outta here," the front passenger exclaimed, the warrant states.

The group got off the freeway and called 911 but then got back on and followed Gutierrez from a distance, the warrant states.

"The victims reported that the driver of the suspect vehicle had difficulty maintaining its lane of travel and nearly crashed several times. They stated the suspect had a 'blank stare' and 'crazy' look," according to the warrant.

When a Utah Highway Patrol trooper pulled Gutierrez over on Foothill Drive, he found a gun in a holster on his side, according to the warrant.

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"While observing the suspect, he appeared to have relaxed facial features, and was slow to respond to questions. He also had distinct changes in his demeanor. The subject’s facial expression would change to smirking at times that seemed inconsistent with the situation and circumstances. He would become somber at other times," the trooper wrote in his warrant.

Investigators found several loose rounds, a white substance believed to be cocaine or fentanyl and pills in the vehicle, the warrant states.