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Shrek (Mike Myers) tries to convince the Donkey (Eddie Murphy) that he does not need a friend in "Shrek."

SALT LAKE CITY — Well, the reboots start coming and (apparently) they don’t stop coming.

“Shrek” is getting rebooted.

Yes “Shrek.” You know, the animation film about an ogre and a donkey who unite to save a lost princess? Yes. That “Shrek.”

What’s going on: Variety reports that Universal Pictures has asked Chris Meledandri, who helmed “Despicable Me,” to reboot both “Shrek” and “Puss in Boots.”

  • Meledandri has been tasked with developing new storylines to expand the tale for new generations.
  • However, Universal hopes to bring back the original voice cast, including Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas.
  • “When you look back on those vocal performances they’re awesome, and while you certainly could make a case for a complete reinvention, I find myself responding to my own nostalgic feelings of wanting to go back to those characterizations,” Meledandri told Variety. “The challenge for us has been to find something that really does feel like it’s not simply yet another film in a series of sequels.”
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Flashback: A possible reboot or sequel for the franchise has been in development for years. Murphy said in 2016 that there was a fifth script and that it would likely be released in 2019 or 2020, according to CinemaBlend.

Not a reboot: Of course, Forbes’ Scott Mendelson makes the case that this would really be more of a sequel film than a fresh-slate reboot.

  • “And in this nostalgia-obsessed pop culture era, a sequel is a way to have your cake (revive the dormant brand) and eat it too (appeal to the older/adult fans of the original four Shrek movies,” he wrote.
  • Mendelson pointed out that the sequel “is a far better play, financially and artistically, than a reboot that acts as a glorified remake.”