Steve Griffin
North Sanpete's Cesar Lemus dives on a Morgan fumble during 3A semifinal game against Morgan at Provo High School in Provo on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018.

Among the six teams vying for championships this Saturday, Class 3A’s North Sanpete enjoys its first title-game appearance in its 103 years of football. No team had gone longer. (Granger has now played the most seasons, 61, without ever getting to the finals.) North Sanpete is also the first school to go from a winless season (0-10 in 2017) to a championship contest. The Hawks will take on Summit Academy, which makes its second title-game trip; its first was in 2014 when the Bears were in Class 2A and fell to South Summit.

In 2A, South Summit makes its sixth straight title-game appearance and eighth in 10 years. Only two teams have played in more consecutive championship contests than South Summit. (They are Skyline, with nine straight from 1995-2003 and Kanab, with eight from 1981-88.) The Wildcats, defending champs, have seven state titles. They face Grand County, which won its only championship in 2005 and last reached the finals in 2013, when the Red Devils lost to South Summit.

The Class 1A title contest pits defending champion Milford against the 2016 champ, Duchesne. Milford has two state crowns, while Duchesne owns six. This game reprises the 2017 finals and marks the 23rd time the same teams have met in back-to-back championship contests.

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In the three larger classifications, five semifinalists repeat from last year. In Class 6A, two-time defending champ Bingham returns for the sixth consecutive time — a school record. Only Skyline, with 13 straight semis from 1993-2005, and Kanab, with eight straight from 1981-88, have more. It’s also the Miners’ 12th semifinal in 13 seasons. Lone Peak, state runner-up in 2015 and ’16, qualifies for the eighth time in nine seasons.

In the Class 5A ranks, Corner Canyon and Skyridge return to Rice-Eccles Stadium for the second straight year. Skyridge is just the second school to advance to the semifinals its second and third seasons. Snow Canyon achieved the feat in 1995 and ’96. But Snow Canyon won just a quarterfinal contest each of those years, while Skyridge had to win a pair of games both seasons to reach the semis.

Orem is the sole returnee from the 2017 Class 4A semifinals.

The other semifinalists

Dixie (4A) is back in the semifinal round for the sixth time in seven years and Pine View (4A) for the fourth time in six. American Fork (6A) qualifies for the semis for the third time in five seasons.

Pleasant Grove’s (6A) most recent semifinal trip was in 2006, Park City’s (4A) in ’09, Olympus’ (5A) in ’13 and Roy’s (5A) in ’14.

Eight of the 12 semifinal teams display at least one championship trophy in their showcase. Corner Canyon, Park City, Pine View and Skyridge still seek their first.

A semifinal first

The Class 6A semifinal features four teams from the same league — Region 4. In a tournament involving more than two regions in a classification, three schools from the same league have advanced to the semis several times, but never four.

Prolific Pine View

Pine View defeated Logan 68-50 in a first-round game, and followed up by slamming Stansbury 65-41 in a quarterfinal bout last week. Those 133 points by Pine View are the second-most scored in consecutive playoff games. East tallied 139 in two tournament contests in 1919, the first year of the state playoffs.

And a week after Pine View and Logan set a record for the most total points in a playoff game — 118 — Pine View and Stansbury combined for 106, which is tied for the second-most total points scored in tournament-game history.

Stansbury’s 41 points ties for the 14th-most scored in a losing effort in the playoffs.

More high scorers

Meanwhile, Milford slashed Monticello 70-22 in a Class 1A semifinal. The Tigers’ 70 points tied for the 10th-most points in a playoff game and the second-most ever in the semifinals. Granite holds that record: the Farmers blanked Richfield 78-0 in 1923.

Two games last weekend saw 92 combined points scored, tying for the 21st-most scored in all playoff games: the Millford-Monticello clash and Skyridge’s 58-34 victory over Jordan.


Olympus’ Aaron Whitehead tries for his 100th career victory in stints at East (39 wins) and Oly (60 wins).

Class 6A Semifinals

Among the semifinalists in 6A, Bingham claims 11 state championships, Pleasant Grove, three, American Fork, two and Lone Peak, one.

Bingham (10-1) vs. American Fork (10-2)

Series history: Bingham leads 14-6-1 since 1933.

Coach vs. coach: Bingham’s John Lambourne is 3-0 vs. American Fork’s Aaron Boem.

Last meeting: Bingham nipped American Fork 28-24 on Oct. 12 (Week 9), at Bingham.

Current winning streaks: American Fork — 3, Bingham — 4.

Bingham’s last semifinal: 2017, blasted Herriman 31-7 on its way to capturing the Class 6A crown.

American Fork’s last semifinal: 2016, lost to Lone Peak 66-19. The Cavemen last advanced to the finals in 2014, when they fell to Bingham.

Bingham’s playoff record (46th appearance in 95 seasons): 64-34.

John Lambourne’s playoff record (ninth appearance in nine seasons overall and fourth at Bingham in four seasons, since 2015): 17-6, including 5-5 at Hunter (1994-98) and 12-1 at Bingham. Semifinal record: 2-2 including 0-1 at Hunter and 2-1 at Bingham. Two state championships, at Bingham in 2016 and ’17.

American Fork’s playoff record (40th appearance in 93 seasons): 28-37.

Aaron Boem’s playoff record (sixth appearance in nine seasons, since 2010): 8-5. Semifinal record: 1-1.

Bingham enjoys its seventh straight double-digit win season and 14th in 95 years of football. American Fork has reached double-digit victories for just the fourth time in the program’s 93 seasons and first since 2014.

Lone Peak (8-3) vs. Pleasant Grove (8-4)

Series history: Lone Peak leads 17-5 in annual meetings since 1997.

Last meeting: Lone Peak defeated Pleasant Grove 28-16 on Oct. 12 (Week 9), at Lone Peak.

Coach vs. coach: Lone Peak’s Bart Brockbank is 2-0 vs. Pleasant Grove’s Mark Wootton.

Current winning streaks: Lone Peak — 5, Pleasant Grove — 3.

Lone Peak’s last semifinal: 2017, lost to East 28-13. The Knights last advanced to the finals in 2016, when they fell to Bingham.

Pleasant Grove’s last semifinal: 2006, dropped to Bingham 35-0. The Vikings last made the championship game in 1993, when they clipped Judge Memorial 18-17 to claim the Class 4A trophy.

Lone Peak’s playoff record (20th appearance in 23 seasons): 33-18.

Bart Brockbank’s playoff record (second season): 4-1. Semifinal record: 0-1.

Pleasant Grove’s playoff record (35th appearance in 91 seasons): 32-31.

Mark Wootton’s playoff record (22nd appearance in 28 seasons overall and third at Pleasant Grove in three seasons): 26-20, including 6-9 at North Sanpete (1991-2003), 17-9 at Mountain Crest (2004-15) and 3-2 at Pleasant Grove (since 2016). Semifinal record: 3-5, including 0-2 at North Sanpete and 3-3 at Mountain Crest. One state championship, at Mountain Crest in 2005.

Class 5A Semifinals

Olympus has two state championships and Roy, one. The 5A tournament is the only one that saw all four top seeds advance to the semifinals.

Roy (9-2) vs. Skyridge (10-1)

Series history: Skyridge leads 2-0 since 2017.

Last meeting: Skyridge slipped by the Royals 28-20 on Aug. 31 (Week 3), at Roy.

Coach vs. coach: Skyridge’s Jon Lehman is 2-0 vs. Roy’s Fred Fernandes.

Current winning streaks: Roy — 4, Skyridge — 10 (a school record and tied for third-longest active streak among all schools.)

Roy’s last semifinal: 2014, silenced Corner Canyon 39-0 before losing to Timpview in the finals.

Skyridge’s only semifinal: 2017, got by Corner Canyon 34-33, but fell to Lehi in the title game.

Roy’s playoff record (26th appearance in 54 seasons): 17-24.

Fred Fernandes’ playoff record (14th appearance in 20 seasons overall and sixth at Roy in eight seasons): 23-10, including 16-4 at Northridge (1996-2003), 1-1 at Woods Cross (2007-10) and 6-5 at Roy (since 2011). Semifinal record: 4-1, including 3-1 at Northridge and 1-0 at Roy. Three state championships, at Northridge in 2000, ’01 and ’02.

Skyridge’s and Jon Lehman’s playoff record: 5-1. Semifinal record: 1-0.

A Roy victory sends the Royals to the championship game and rewards them with their fourth double-digit win season in 54 years and first since 2014. Skyridge went 6-5 its inaugural season in 2016, then improved to 12-2 last year and 10-1 so far this season.

Corner Canyon (10-0) vs. Olympus (12-0)

Series history: Corner Canyon leads 3-0 since 2013.

Last meeting: Corner Canyon blanked Olympus 27-0 on Oct. 30, 2016 in a Class 4A first-round game at Olympus.

Coach vs. coach: First meeting between Corner Canyon’s Eric Kjar and Olympus’ Aaron Whitehead.

Current winning streaks: Corner Canyon — 10 (tied for the third-longest active streak and two short of the school record set in 2014), Olympus — 12 (ties the school record set in 1998 and is the second-longest active streak among all schools).

Corner Canyon’s last semifinal: 2017, fell to Skyridge 34-33. Now in their sixth year, the Chargers have yet to reach the finals.

Olympus’ last semifinal: 2013, lost to East 47-21. The Titans last advanced to the championship game — and won — in 1998.

Corner Canyon’s playoff record (fifth appearance in six seasons — missed in 2016): 8-4.

Eric Kjar’s playoff record (10th appearance in 10 years): 16-8, including 12-7 at Jordan (2009-16) and 4-1 at Corner Canyon (since 2017). Semifinal record: 1-4, including 1-3 at Jordan and 0-1 at CC. One state championship, at Jordan in 2012.

Olympus’ playoff record (36th appearance in 66 seasons): 31-33.

Aaron Whitehead’s playoff record (12th appearance in 13 seasons overall and seventh at Olympus in eight seasons — missed in 2014): 10-11, including 5-5 at East (2003-07) and 5-6 at Olympus (since 2011). Semifinal record: 0-3, including 0-2 at East and 0-1 at Olympus.

Corner Canyon celebrates its second consecutive double-digit win season and the third in school history.

Olympus posted its seventh double-digit win season in 66 years and first since 2013. The Titans have improved from 4-6 in 2017 to 12-0 this year. That’s an improvement of 7.0 games, the best in the state this season. (The NCAA calculates this by taking the difference in victories and the difference in losses, adding the two numbers and dividing by 2.)

Class 4A Semifinals

Dixie owns eight championships and Orem, six.

Dixie (10-1) vs. Park City (9-3)

Series history: Tied 1-1 (Park City prevailed in 2003 and Dixie in 2017).

Last meeting: Dixie clobbered Park City 30-6 on Oct. 27, 2017, in a Class 4A first-round game at Dixie.

Coach vs. coach: First meeting between Dixie’s Blaine Monkres and Park City’s Josh Montzingo.

Current winning streaks: Dixie — 10 (tied for third-longest active streak), Park City — 5.

Dixie’s last semifinal: 2016, lost to Pine View 35-14 in Class 3AA. The Flyers last visited the finals in 2015, when they fell to Logan.

Park City’s last semifinal: 2009, lost to Hurricane 24-19. The Miners last reached the title game in 2001, when they dropped to Delta.

Dixie’s playoff record (45th appearance in 74 seasons): 63-36.

Blaine Monkres’ playoff record (23rd appearance in 28 years overall): 33-19, including 5-2 at Morgan (1990-93), 14-12 at Fremont (1994-2007), 0-1 at Riverton (2017) and 14-4 at Dixie (2008-14 and back with the Flyers this season). Monkres also coached at Murray in 2016.

Monkres’ semifinal record: 4-8 overall, including 1-2 at Morgan, 1-4 at Fremont and 2-2 at Dixie. Won three state championships, at Morgan in 1993 and at Dixie in 2012 and ’14.

Park City’s playoff record (43rd appearance in 111 seasons): 30-42.

Josh Montzingo’s playoff record (third appearance in three years): 3-2. First semifinal.

Dixie has recorded its 11th double-digit win season and fourth in seven years. A Park City victory sends the Miners to the championship game and gives Park City its first double-digit victory season since 2009 and seventh in program history.

Orem (10-2) vs. Pine View (7-3)

Series history: Pine View leads 2-0 since 2012.

Last meeting: Pine View slapped Orem 42-14 on Aug. 30, 2013.

Coach vs. coach: First meeting between Orem’s Jeremy Hill and Pine View’s Ray Hosner.

Current winning streaks: Orem — 8 (tied for the sixth-longest active streak), Pine View — 3.

Orem’s last semifinal: 2017, topped Sky View 28-12 en route to capturing the state championship.

Pine View’s last semifinal: 2016, defeated Dixie 35-14 before falling to Desert Hills in the finals.

Orem’s playoff record (54th appearance in 90 seasons): 54-47.

Jeremy Hill’s playoff record (third appearance in three years): 6-1. Semifinal record: 1-0.

Pine View’s playoff record (27th appearance in 36 seasons): 27-26.

Ray Hosner’s playoff record (15th appearance in 18 years, since 2001): 25-15. Semifinal record: 5-2.

Orem relishes its 11th double-digit win season and second straight. The Tigers haven’t had consecutive double-digit win campaigns since posting four in a row from 1965 through ’68.

Class 3A Championship

Summit Academy (9-2) vs. North Sanpete (7-4)

Series history: Summit Academy leads 2-0 since 2017.

Last meeting: Summit Academy beat North Sanpete 14-10 on Sept. 21 (Week 6), at North Sanpete.

Coach vs. coach: Summit Academy’s Les Hamilton is 2-0 vs. North Sanpete’s Rhett Bird.

Current winning streaks: Summit Academy — 7, North Sanpete — 2.

Summit Academy quick facts

The Bears began their football program in 2012; seventh season.

Finals record: 0-1. Playoff record: 7-6 (.538), seventh appearance.

Championship game history:

2014, lost to South Summit 28-63 (2A)

Coach: Les Hamilton is 27-6 (.818) in his third season with the Bears. He’s 131-61 (.682) in 16 seasons overall. He was 14-11 at Grantsville (2003-04), 60-19 at Alta (2005-10), 3-7 at Hunter (2011) and 27-18 at Pleasant Grove (2012-15) before moving to Summit Academy in 2016.

Playoff record: 4-2 (.667) at Summit Academy, third appearance, and 24-12 (.667), 15th appearance overall. He was 3-2 at Grantsville, 15-4 at Alta, 0-1 at Hunter and 2-3 at Pleasant Grove.

Championship game record: 0-1 at Summit Academy and 2-3 overall, including 0-1 at Grantsville and 2-1 at Alta. He won state championships at Alta in 2007 and ’08.

North Sanpete quick facts

North Sanpete began its football program in 1912, but took a break in 1917 and ’18; 103rd season.

First championship game. Playoff record: 12-28 (.300), 29th appearance.

Coach: Rhett Bird is 11-19 (.367) in his third season.

Playoff record: 2-1 (.667), second appearance.

North Sanpete tries to become the 15th team to win a championship game with at least four losses — or the 16th if Duchesne triumphs earlier in the day.

Class 2A Championship

Grand County (8-3) vs. South Summit (10-1)

Series history: South Summit leads 15-3 since 1967.

Last meeting: South Summit humbled the Red Devils 47-9 on Nov. 4, 2017, in a semifinal contest at Weber State.

Coach vs. coach: South Summit’s Mike Grajek is 1-0 vs. Grand County’s Dennis Wells.

Current winning streaks: South Summit — 8 (tied for the sixth-longest active streak), Grand County — 4.

South Summit quick facts

The Wildcats played football from 1913-16, then dropped the sport until 1942; 81st season.

Finals record: 7-9 (.438). Last championship: 2017. Playoff record: 56-34 (.622), 42nd appearance.

Championship game history:

1973, lost to Beaver 30-0 (Class 1A)

1977, defeated Beaver 16-6 (1A)

1978, defeated North Summit 14-0 (1A)

1979, lost to Beaver 24-9 (1A)

1984, defeated Kanab 13-95 (1A)

1988, defeated Kanab 35-13 (1A)

1998, lost to San Juan 36-26 (2A)

1999, lost to Manti 34-15 (2A)

2000, lost to San Juan 20-14 (2A)

2009, lost to San Juan 7-0 (2A)

2010, lost to San Juan 19-6 (2A)

2013, defeated Grand County 42-8 (2A)

2014, defeated Summit Academy 28-6 (2A)

2015, lost to Beaver 33-0 (2A)

2016, lost to Beaver 55-35 (2A)

2017, defeated Beaver 38-10 (2A)

South Summit celebtrates its sixth straight double-digit win season, eighth in 10 years and 13th overall in the Wildcats’ 81 seasons. They’re 22-1 over two seasons and 65-6 going back to 2013.

Coach: Mike Grajek is 32-3 (.914) in his third season at South Summit and 59-16 (.787) in seven seasons overall. He was 7-3 record at Milford (1993) and 20-10 at Morgan (1994-96) before moving to South Summit in 2016.

Playoff record: 6-1 at South Summit and 9-3 overall, including 2-0 at Milford and 2-2 at Morgan; sixth appearance.

Championship game record: 2-2; won with Milford in 1993 and South Summit in 2017, but lost with Morgan in 1996 and South Summit in 2016.

Grand County quick facts

The Red Devils began their gridiron program in 1921; 98th season.

Finals record: 1-6 (.143). Only championship: 2005. Playoff record: 33-51 (.393), 53rd appearance.

Championship game history:

1950, lost to Millard 51-13 (Class B)

1962, lost to American Fork 34-0 (B)

1964, lost to North Summit 39-26 (B)

1975, lost to Delta 27-15 (2A)

1984, lost to Richfield 14-13 (2A)

2005, defeated San Juan 25-22 (2A)

2013, lost to South Summit 42-8 (2A)

Coach: Dennis Wells is 92-90 (.506) in his 17th season at Grand County, since 2002.

Playoff record: 16-12 (.571).

Championship game record: 1-1.

Class 1A Championship

Duchesne (8-4) vs. Milford (11-0)

Series history: Duchesne leads 21-8 since 1981.

Last meeting: Milford doubled up Duchesne 26-13 on Sept. 21 (Week 6), at Milford.

Coach vs. coach: Duchesne’s Jerry Cowan is 6-2 vs. Milford’s Thayne Marshall.

Current winning streaks: Duchesne — 7, Milford — 18 (longest current streak in the state and a school record to boot).

Duchesne quick facts

The Eagles played for two seasons — 1931 and ’32 — then revived the program in 1973; 48th season.

Finals record: 6-4 (.600). Last championship: 2016. Playoff record: 37-32 (.536), 39th appearance.

Championship game history:

1995, lost to Rich 26-13 (Class 1A)

1996, lost to Rich 39-12 (1A)

2006, defeated Kanab 30-0 (1A)

2009, lost to Rich 25-0 (1A)

2010, defeated Rich 21-14 in overtime (1A)

2011, defeated Layton Christian 35-9 (1A)

2012, defeated Rich 28-0 (1A)

2013, defeated Rich 14-13 (1A)

2016, defeated Kanab 19-17 (1A)

2017, lost to Milford 28-14 (1A)

Coach: Jerry Cowan is 108-31 (.770) in 12 seasons (2003-07 and since 2012).

Playoff record: 21-7 (.750), 12th appearance.

Championship game record: 4-1 (won in 2006, ’12, ’13 and ’16; lost in ’17).

Duchesne hopes to play spoiler and become the 60th team to ruin another school’s perfect season in the championship game. (East was the last team to achieve that feat, in 2016, when the Leopards defeated Springville.)

The Eagles also try to become the 15th team to win a championship game with at least four losses.

Milford quick facts

Played from 1925 through 1931, then resumed in 1949 after playing six-man football from 1939-48; 77th season of 11-man football.

Finals record: 2-1 (.667). Last championship: 2017. Playoff record: 18-30 (.375), 33rd appearance.

Championship game history:

1993, defeated Altamont 21-13 (Class 1A)

1994, lost to Rich 12-6 (1A)

2017, defeated Duchesne 28-14 (1A)

Milford relishes its second-ever double-digit win season.

Coach: Thayne Marshall is 38-16 (.704) in five seasons, since 2014.

Playoff record: 6-3 (.667), fifth appearance.

Championship game record: 1-0.

Player update — season stats

Here’s where this year’s crop of players rank in the top-20 in all-time season performances. The list is alphabetical by school and then by player. An asterisk indicates the player’s team has concluded its season.

American Fork’s Boone Abbott ranks:

  • 10th (tied) in passing touchdowns — 42 — and needs four more to break into the top-5.
  • 14th in completions — 245 — and 23 away from the top-10.
  • 20th in passing attempts — 407 — and 20 shy of the top-10.

American Fork’s Chase Roberts ranks:

  • 19th in receiving yards — 1,419 — and 103 short of the top-10.
  • 10th (tied) in touchdown receptions — 20 — and three away from the top-5.

Davis’ Will Ferrin ranks:

  • 14th (tied) in field goals — 13.

Jordan’s Ethan Bolingbroke ranks:

  • Eighth in receptions — 97.

Milford’s Bryson Barnes ranks:

  • 10th (tied) in passing touchdowns — 42 — and four shy of the top-5.
  • 11th (tied) in touchdowns-responsible-for — 54 — and one short of the top-5

Milford’s Paxton Henrie ranks:

  • First (tied) in touchdown receptions — 24 — and shared by Brighton’s Simi Fehoko (2014) and Orem’s Puka Nacua (2017).

Orem’s Cooper Legas ranks:

  • Ninth in touchdown passes — 43 — and three away from the top-5. He also places sixth place all-time with 45 in 2017.
  • Ninth in touchdowns-responsible-for — 55 — and five short of the top-5. He’s also 16th all-time with 52 in 2017.
  • 13th in passing yards — 3,761 — and 133 shy of the top-10. He also holds fourth place all-time with 4,103 total yards in 2017.
  • 16th in total offense — 4,380 yards — and 279 yards away from the top-10. He also holds third place all-time with 5,148 total yards in 2017.

Orem’s Puka Nakua ranks:

  • First in receiving yards — 2,097. He also holds fourth place all-time with 1,691 receiving yards in 2017.
  • Fourth (tied) in touchdown receptions — 23; he’s chasing his own state record of 24, set last year, and shared by Brighton’s Simi Fehoko (2014) and Milford’s Paxton Henrie (2018).
  • 15th in receptions — 89 — and needs four to reach the top-10. He also holds 16th place all-time with 87 in 2017.

Woods Cross’ Carston Naegle ranks:

  • 14th in completions — 241.

Player update — career stats

Here’s this week’s update on players who rank in the top-20 (or close enough) in all-time career performances that Felt’s Facts has been tracking this season. The list is alphabetical by school and then by player. An asterisk indicates the player’s team has concluded its season.

American Fork’s Chase Roberts ranks:

  • Fifth in receiving yards — 3,357 — and is 88 yards away from fourth.
  • Sixth in touchdown receptions — 40 — and is one shy of the top-5.
  • Ninth in receptions — 192 — and is 15 short of the top-5.

Davis’ Will Ferrin ranks:

  • 16th (tied) in field goals — 21.

Milford’s Bryson Barnes ranks:

• Fourth (tied) in touchdown passes — 92 — and needs nine more to reach third.

• Sixth in touchdowns-responsible-for — 123 — and is six away from the top-5.

• 11th in passing yards — 7,439 — and is 131 yards away from the top-10.

• 14th in total offense — 8,735 yards — and is 617 yards short of the top-10.

Orem’s Cooper Legas ranks:

• Fourth (tied) in total offense — 11,742 yards — and is 1,175 yards short of third place.

• Fourth (tied) in touchdown passes — 92 — and needs nine more to reach third.

• Fifth in passing yards — 9,186 — and is 472 yards out of fourth.

• Seventh in touchdowns-responsible-for — 118 — and is 11 shy of the top-5.

• Eighth in completions — 515 — and needs 14 more to reach seventh.

Orem’s Puka Nacua ranks:

• First in touchdown receptions — 53.

• First in receiving yards — 4,987.

• Second in receptions — 246— and is seven away from the state record.

• 20th (tied) in touchdowns scored — 55 — and is five short of the top-10.

Pine View’s Connor Brooksby ranks:

• Second in field goals — 33 — and needs three more to reach first.

• Second in extra points — 207 — and is 12 off the state record.

Pleasant Grove’s Jake Jensen ranks:

• 16th in passing yards — 6,961 — and is 609 yards away from the top-10.

South Sevier’s Tyson Chisholm ranks:

• 17th in net rushing yards — 4,437.

• 10th in 100-yard rushing games — 22.

• 10th in carries — 616.

• 20th (tied) in touchdowns scored — 55.

South Summit’s Kael Atkinson ranks:

• Seventh (tied) in touchdown passes — 80 — and needs 12 more to get to the top-5.

• 11th (tied) in touchdowns-responsible-for — 99 — and is four away from the top-10.

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Taylorsville’s Dane Leituala ranks:

• Second in total offense — 13,610 yards.

• Second in touchdowns-responsible-for — 132.

• Second in 100-yard rushing games — 26.

• Third in net rushing yards — 5,381.

• Sixth in passing attempts — 968.

• Seventh in passing yards — 8,229.

• Seventh in completions — 529.

• Ninth (tied) in touchdown passes — 79.

• 13th (tied) in carries — 601.

• 17th (tied) in rushing touchdowns — 52.

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