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The people have spoken. They do not want more taxes for education. They want better management of the funds now available.

We need to encourage good teachers to stay in education and stem the tide of high turnover. We need to reward good teachers and reduce the number of mediocre teachers.

Teacher pay must be based on performance. Motivated and high-performing teachers should be rewarded. Administrators must have the tools to manage performance.

The current pay system rewards administrators for hiring teachers with the minimum in education and the minimum in experience. Such teachers can be paid at a much lower rate than teachers with advanced education and experience, so administrators conserve precious budget dollars by hiring the least-qualified teachers.

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The current pay system rewards teachers for staying on the job but ignores teacher performance. Administrators are required to pay based on time in service and have few tools to reward performance.

The result is that many highly motivated and qualified teachers leave for other careers. While many really good teachers can afford to continue to teach, a significant number are less than ideal and can perform below expectations without fear of consequences.

Let’s change the rules and give our schools a chance to hire and keep good teachers.

Roger Wilson