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We should judge ourselves by who we choose to battle.

What does it say of us, if we choose for enemies those who seek to do good, or those who are in need? Frankly, I do not know that it is a measurement of our character, for I know too many good and wonderful people who choose for enemies those who are good and that which is good. But I still wonder, knowing our choice of enemies does say something about us.

I think of Colin Kaepernick. What is our need to speak evil of a man who seeks but social justice? Frankly, I think his cause is just. I believe black people do suffer more at the hands of police than do white people. The statistics are there, so why should I doubt? Do not I, too, want justice for all?

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I think of the immigrants, coming up from Mexico and from Central and South America. We choose to make these our enemy? We choose people fleeing from violence and from poverty? This is the enemy of our choice? We would make opposition to them a rallying cry as we go to the election polls?

Yes, we should judge ourselves by who we choose to battle against. If we choose to fight against good causes, it does not speak well of us. But I will look at all the good folks I find in the camp of the oppressors and wonder. I will wonder at how good people can be led to fight against that which is good.

John Jackson