Rick Bowmer, AP
In this Nov. 1, 2016 file photo, people vote during early voting for the 2016 general election at the Salt Lake County Government Center, in Salt Lake City.

SALT LAKE CITY — Tomorrow is Election Day. And that means you’ll probably spend some time figuring out where to vote.

Here are some quick resources to use.

  • Type “Where do I vote?” into Google. A box will appear that will allow you to enter in your full address. Once you click the search button, the location of your voting location will tell you where to vote.
  • Visit USA.gov, which includes resources about state and territorial election office contact information.
  • Vote.org has a search bar that helps you find where to vote. It also includes a polling place by state list.
  • GetToThePolls.com shows you where to vote, what’s on your ballot and how to contact your elected officials.
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  • Vote411.org will also point you toward personalized voting information.

More tips: The New York Times shared some additional tips about voting on Election Day.

  • Avoid the lines by voting in the midafternoon or midmorning since those will be the least busy times.
  • Research what you need to bring ahead of time, including proper identification.
  • Read about your ballot so you know what you’re voting about.

Cheat sheets: TheSkimm put together a resource that helps you review a cheat sheet of your ballot based on where you live.