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This image released by Marvel Studios shows, front row from left, Danai Gurira, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Sebastian Stan in a scene from "Avengers: Infinity War."

SALT LAKE CITY — Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige just revealed what he says is the real reason he enjoys the end-credit scenes.

What happened: Feige spoke at the 2018 Britannia Awards where he received an award for his contributions to entertainment, reports.

He addressed the post-credits end scenes, which Marvel has popularized in the last decade or so.

Here’s what he said.

  • "Movies bring people together, but they also bring people together behind the scenes," Feige said during his speech. "At Marvel Studios, we've been putting a scene after the end credits in all of our films since the very beginning. The fans love it, it's a tease of something to come."
  • "But the real bonus is that the audience is going to sit there and look at all the names of the hundreds of thousands of people who work so hard to bring these movies to life. That really inspired me as a kid, to see all those names and I hope it inspires people today."

Not so fast: There’s another reason for the post-credit scenes. Feige told Entertainment Weekly back in April he thought of adding them to Marvel films after he saw one in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

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  • “It was the greatest thing in the world,” Feige told Entertainment Weekly. “I thought it was hilarious. It was like a little reward for me for sitting through the credits.”
  • He brought the idea back for 2008’s “Iron Man.”
  • “It occurred to us (while making "Iron Man"), ‘Well, we don’t have X-Men, we don’t have Fantastic Four, we don’t have Spider-Man, but we have everything else,’” Feige said about Samuel L. Jackson’s entrance as Nick Fury at the end of the “Iron Man” credits. “Even though everything else hadn’t been turned into a big film before, or had the name recognition among non-comic-book readers that other ones did, we had the opportunity to start putting certain heroes in other heroes’ movies, which hadn’t been done before. It’s a bonus of what’s to come.”

Flashback: As I mentioned in my report, Feige said the producers never have a grand plan or arc for the end scenes. Rather, they’re chosen at random and on the fly during production.