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A funeral procession for Brigham City Assistant Police Chief Dennis Vincent drive's down Main Street in Brigham City on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018.

BRIGHAM CITY — Family and community members paid their respects as Brigham City Assistant Police Chief Dennis Vincent was laid to rest on Saturday.

"It's tough. It's really hard. His humor was unmatched and his love for the community was unmatched as well," said Tyler Vincent, who is Dennis's brother.

Thousands of people came to the church building or lined the streets during Vincent's procession to say goodbye, as family members recalled his lifelong dream to serve in law enforcement.

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FILE - Brigham City police officer Dennis Vincent, right, and other law enforcement honor their fallen during a memorial May 4, 2006 in Salt Lake City.

"He got a Dick Tracy uniform one year for Christmas when he was young," said his brother, Tyler Vincent.

"It had a little notebook and a badge and a gun. He would get on his bike and he would run up and down the street and if somebody crossed across the street and there was a car coming, he would go over and actually write them a little ticket and hand it to them."

It was the beginning of a career where Vincent always tried to do the right thing and be fair to people, as well as tell jokes with his colleagues to make a tough job a little better.

"He was a brother to me. He was my very best friend," said Brigham City police Chief Mike Nelson.

Nelson became chief four years and promoted Vincent to assistant chief right away. He also served as Brigham City's emergency manager.

"He always gets things done. You ask him to do it and it always gets done. And he did it with a smile on his face. He always had a smile … I'm sure he must have got down in the dump sometimes, but I never saw it," Nelson said.

Vincent was only 53 years old when he died last week from an aneurysm during his physical fitness test.

Ever since, Nelson says the community has been contacting the police department to offer their condolences.

"We have had people call us and letters and cards and the support has been tremendous," said Nelson.

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Though many people knew Vincent as a dedicated and friendly police officer, for those closest to him, he will always be the guy who loved being with his family.

"My brother meant the world to me. He and I grew up together. We played together throughout our youth. He and I have always been very close," said Tyler Vincent. "We did a lot together. We hunted together, we fished together, we spent a lot of time together. It's been really tough on the family. It's been a real struggle."

Vincent leaves behind a wife, four children and three grandchildren.