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Chris Stewart, R-Utah.

Editor's note: Chris Stewart is a Republican running for Congress in Utah's 2nd Congressional District. Click here to read a guest opinion from Democratic candidate Shireen Ghorbani.

It’s been my honor to represent my constituents in Utah’s 2nd District for the past three terms. Every election I ask myself whether I should run again. I am not a career politician. I serve at the pleasure of my constituents and I will only seek that service if I believe I have earned the position for another term.

While some would like to turn this election into a referendum on the administration or another single interest, this is only an election for representation of the 2nd District of Utah. This is why voters must ask the candidates what qualifies them for service. I have a legislative history of conservative values and leadership roles that have allowed me to advance those principles for the nation. I will continue to fight for limited government, personal freedom and equal opportunity in the pursuit of happiness.

Let me highlight the four primary reasons why I deserve another term.

Reduce the power and influence of the federal government. For too long the federal government has intruded deeper and deeper into our lives through overburdensome regulations in education, health care, energy, commerce, land management and even to what size drinks or light bulbs people can buy. While there are areas where the federal government should play a role, most of my constituents know they have gone way too far. Using my position on the powerful Appropriations Committee, I have fought to reduce the reach of the federal government to cut wasteful spending and overly burdensome regulations. Through this committee we are able to direct funding to the programs that fulfill the constitutionally approved functions of government, while restricting funds from programs that swell the nanny state. Yet because we have still not constrained our spending enough, I have repeatedly voted against large omnibus spending bills.

Additionally, I voted with my Republican colleagues to use the Congressional Review Act to remove unreasonable and intrusive regulations imposed by the previous administration, along with hundreds of other conservative bills to reduce the size and power of the government.

Build the best economy in generations. I proudly voted for this year’s tax cuts and they have done everything that we promised they would do. Unemployment is at a record low — including the lowest ever recorded among some minority communities. Wages are up. Business optimism is up. The stock market is up. Families are able to keep more of their hard-earned money. The growth of the economy is already paying for the tax cuts. I have a degree in economics and one thing is very clear; the Republican tax cuts have helped tens of millions of Americans, many of them here in Utah, to live better lives. The Democrats want to take all of that away from you by increasing your taxes again. We simply can’t allow that to happen.

Keep our nation safe. I come from a family of military service. My father, my brothers and other members of my family now serve. Because of this service, I know that the primary purpose of the federal government is to provide for our national security. As a senior member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, I also know that the threats to our people have never been more intense. Because of my work on this committee, and as a world record holding former Air Force pilot, I am intimately involved with keeping our nation safe.

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Constituent services. I, and my amazing staff, work tirelessly to serve all of my constituents, regardless of their political ideology. Because of my position of leadership within Congress, I have developed relationships with the administration and federal agencies that allow me to work very effectively on your behalf. As an example, my office has worked almost 1,900 cases for my constituents who have experienced problems with the federal government, many of them veterans and elderly citizens. Helping my constituents is the most satisfying part of my job.

Yes, we have made enormous progress in many areas, but there is much more work to do. I am in a unique position to fight for Utah values and fight for our nation. I’m asking you for your vote.