Glen Wilson, Columbia Pictures Industries
Jesse Eisenberg stars in Columbia Pictures' comedy "Zombieland."

SALT LAKE CITY — Halloween is right around the corner. Chances are Utah residents will be thinking about or watching “Zombieland,” too.

What’s going on: A new report from Streaming Observer discovered the most popular horror film in each state. The report used data from Rotten Tomatoes and public sources to find the best horror movies of all time and then compared them to Google Trends search data for each state.

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  • The report identified “Zombieland” as Utah’s favorite horror film. It is the only state to appreciate that film the most.
  • Six states — Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania — picked “The Silence of the Lambs” as the best movie.
  • Four states — Nevada, Washington, Wisconsin and Kansas — all had “Shaun of the Dead" as their favorite.
  • Vermont, Hawaii and the District of Columbia all had “The Exorcist” as their favorite horror film.

Region matters: Some states supported films that take place in their state, Mental Floss reports.

  • “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” topped the list in Texas.
  • “The Shining,” which takes place in Colorado, topped the list in Colorado.
  • Maryland-based “The Blair Witch Project” led the way in Maryland.

Modern hits: Yes, some modern horror films also made the list:

  • “Get Out” (Georgia, Louisiana) and “The Witch” (Tennessee) both made the list.