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Imagine your fiance was assassinated for taking a stance against a mob boss while you were waiting outside. If the prosecutor refused to bring a case, how safe would you feel in the city? This is the situation we see with the Trump administration's refusing to hold Saudi Arabia responsible for the horrendous murder and torture of Jamal Khashoggi. Even worse, the administration has helped concoct absurd narratives about rogue killers.

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Last month, Democratic nominee Shireen Ghorbani noted that President Trump was a threat to national security due to his failure to lead with American values on the world stage. Rep. Chris Stewart immediately minimized the impact of the Trump administration’s behavior. The murder of Khashoggi is a macabre demonstration of President Trump not only failing to lead, but giving preference to working with dictators over our allies.

Rep. Stewart has yet to comment on the administration's role in the Saudi cover-up. If our representative is unable to hold our president accountable for his foreign policy failures, perhaps it’s time to elect someone who will.

Bryce Turner

Salt Lake City