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Lucy Rogers and Zac Mayo are currently competing in a highly-competitive race for the Lamoille County seat in the House of Representatives.

SALT LAKE CITY — A pair of fierce political rivals decided to take a break from their campaign to sing together.

What happened: Lucy Rogers and Zac Mayo are currently involved in a highly competitive race for the Lamoille County seat in the Vermont House of Representatives. But during their debate last week, the pair asked for a few extra minutes of everyone’s attention, CBS News reports.

  • The pair decided to perform together, playing instruments and singing in perfect harmony.
  • The song of choice: “Society” by Eddie Vedder.

Why it matters: People at the Varnum Library in Jeffersonville were surprised to see the two candidates work together in today’s politics.

  • "Because we asked them if we could have a few minutes at the end to play a duet," Rogers said.
  • "It strikes a chord," Mayo said. "To say to the world that this is a better way."

How it started: The candidates realized they both had a passion for music during a Fourth of July parade. Mayo plays the guitar and Rogers plays the cello.

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  • Rogers was the first to pitch the idea.
  • “It seemed like a fun thing to do to lighten the tone of the debate. Music has always been an important part of my life, a way to bring people together,” she told Seven Days.

Bigger picture: The event has sparked a conversation about how important civility can be in the modern era of politics, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle.

  • “Whoever takes the state House seat, it is clear civility has already won the election. Imagine a world where candidates always came together with the unifying power of music as a symbol at the end of a debate. It would have certainly made discussions between Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton far more enjoyable.”