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Steve Griffin, Deseret News
Wyatt Gardner, of Enterprise, sprints toward the finish line during the boys 2A high school cross country championships at Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018.

SALT LAKE CITY — North Summit’s David Fine moved to Utah from Colorado this year and, in his first Utah state cross-country meet, took home the top prize in the 2A boys 3 mile.

“I have lots of cousins and aunts and uncles right outside of Park City, Utah, and so we moved up to be part of life with them in a Christian camp up there,” Fine said. "Honestly, I came here not expecting anything. I was really hoping to win, obviously, but when I crossed, it was sort of a sigh of relief and just knowing it was going to be my last high school race, I was just excited to pull off a win.”

Fine finished with a time of 16:12.9 in the 2A boys 3 mile, with teammate Cody White right behind him with a time of 16:23.2.

" Couldn’t have been a better feeling. "
North Summit champion David Fine

“Couldn’t have been a better feeling. Honestly, I think that was a better feeling, just being able to have him (Cody White) right behind me. As a team, we’ve been super tight, really pushing for a win today, and I think Cody getting second was a huge part of that,” Fine said.

White said that Fine helped pushed him to work harder.

“It was awesome. He moved here from Colorado and because of that I was able to work harder than I did in the past and we were both able to just destroy it,” White said.

North Summit was also crowned 2A boys state champions.

“I’m feeling good. We were able to work hard as a team to be able to achieve that team first, and it feels amazing,” White said.

On the girls side, Katy Kelly of Millard High School finished in first place with a time of 18:58.4.

“I thought I was going to win towards the beginning of the first lap because I knew I had them, but my best friend Audrey Camp is pretty fast, so you never know with her — she’s speedy, that one,” Kelly said.

Elizabeth Zwahlen of North Summit almost caught Kelly with a time of 19:09.4.

“I heard the other girl (Elizabeth Zwahlen of North Summit) was going to catch me, so I was kind of desperate to run faster, it was kind of scary,” Kelly said.

Although cross-country is an individual sport, Millard taking home the team prize felt just as good as crossing the finish line and winning the individual crown for Kelly.

“It feels great, just to know that we all put the work into that and it’s not just an individual thing, it’s the whole team pushing each other throughout the year in every workout you do,” Kelly said.

“It’s exciting to have a state champion, too. It’s been a few years, so to see the girls all run so well. We knew we had the talent and the ability, it just comes down to making it happen at the right time,” Millard cross-country coach Cody Moat said.

2A Girls Individual Results

1. Katy Kelly, Millard HS,18:58.4; 2. Elizabeth Zwahlen, North Summit HS, 19:09.4; 3. Audrey Camp, Millard HS, 19:33.1; 4. Sheilah Cheruiyot, Wasatch Academy, 19:48.3; 5. Ashley Lagat, Wasatch Academy, 19:48.5; 6. Brooke Reed, Parowan HS, 19:58.2; 7. Ember Moat, Millard HS, 21:11.7; 8. Aimee Thurman, Millard HS, 21:15.6; 9. Mary Degraffenreid, Millard HS, 21:19.7; 10. Hannah Koyle, Millard HS, 21:20.3; 11. Adelyn Crockett, Parowan HS, 21:31.2; 12. Avery Smith, North Sevier HS, 21:40.5; 13. Hayley Matthews, Layton Christian Acad., 21:45.2; 14. Tavy Gale, Beaver HS, 21:46.8; 15. Dakota Robinson, Parowan HS, 21:48.7; 16. Alicia Smith, North Summit HS, 21:53.6; 17. Mia Giallorenzi, Waterford, 21:57.1; 18. Purity Kattam, Wasatch Academy, 22:06.3; 19. Sarah Winters, North Summit HS, 22:20.8; 20. Susannah Sutherland, Merit College Prep, 22:24.5.

2A Girls Team Results

1. Millard, 22; 2. North Summit, 54; 3. Parowan, 66; 4. Enterprise, 107; 5. Duchesne, 129.

2A Boys Individual Results

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1. David Fine, North Summit HS, 16:12.9; 2. Cody White, North Summit HS, 16:23.2; 3. Carson Burian, Rowland Hall, 16:32.4; 4. Jaren Camp, Millard HS, 17:07.8; 5. Boston Sargent, North Summit HS, 17:25.7; 6. Hunter Lorenz, Parowan HS, 17:32.4; 7. Logan Bateman, Rowland Hall, 17:35.2; 8. Shade Woodard, Millard HS, 17:38.5; 9. Logan Phillips, Altamont HS, 17:41.7; 10.Chandler Mcknight, North Summit HS, 17:45.3; 11. Nathan Bowman, Kanab HS, 18:00.0; 12. Morris Maxfield, Millard HS, 18:07.5; 13. Wyatt Gardner, Enterprise HS, 18:15.7; 14. Kelby Bosh, North Sevier HS, 18:29.6; 15. Jose Patino, North Summit HS, 18:33.5; 16. Calder Moon, Duchesne HS, 18:33.9; 17. Mason Bartlett, Beaver HS, 18:37.8; 18. Adam Edwards, Parowan HS, 18:41.3; 19. Dylan Bistline, Kanab HS, 18:41.7; 20. Jace Rigby, Parowan HS, 18:43.5.

2A Boys Team Results

1. North Summit, 29; 2. Millard, 67; 3, Rowland Hall, 68; 4. Parowan, 91.5; 5. Kanab, 132; 6. Duchesne, 147; 7. Waterford, 171.5; 8. Beaver, 181.