Kristin Murphy
Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell and Alec Burks joke around during Jazz Media Day at the Zions Bank Basketball Center in Salt Lake City on Monday, Sept. 24, 2018.

SALT LAKE CITY — Take note, the Utah Jazz have changed hashtags.

If the new phrase sounds familiar, it's because it echoes the sentiment shared so often by Jazz coach Quin Snyder, players and management last season.

So long, #takenote.

Hello, #teamiseverything.

That's "Team is everything" for those who don't read hashtags.

The updated hashtag nicely complements Snyder's "The strength of our team is our team" mentality, which he repeated so often last season as the likes of Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, Derrick Favors, Joe Ingles and Ricky Rubio surprisingly played their way to a 48-34 record and a second-straight Western Conference semifinals appearance in the wake of Gordon Hayward's departure.

"Team isn't any one thing," a flashy intro video for the #teamiseverything hashtag stated. "Team is everything."

Not surprisingly, there were mixed reviews. #TakeNote was a popular and catchy phrase the team and fans used on social media posts for the past two years.

"#TakeNote was perfect," grumbled dissatisfied Jazz fan Kris TakeNote (the temporary handle name associated with @5kl) on Twitter. "This is like going from the purple note to the powder blue jerseys."

"One hundred percent," Jazz fan Benjamin Gaines replied. "#TeamIsEverything is both too long and totally generic. #TakeNote referenced the Jazz and only the Jazz."

Added Chris Cullen, "This is a lame move."

"How do you lose #TakeNote as the Jazz twitter hashtag?" one Boston Celtics fan wrote. "It was literally the perfect hashtag and I'm not even a Jazz fan."

Blogger Dan Clayton nicely summed up the positive aspect of the new mantra.

"Note taken," Clayton wrote on Twitter. "That's why I'm actually OK with the Jazz graduating from #TakeNote. They're on everybody's radar. They're past the point where they need to ask people to notice them. #Teamiseverything is actually pretty cool and represents something that's core to Q's philosophy."

The complete list of NBA hashtags:

#TrueToAtlanta (Hawks); #WeGoHard (Nets); #CUsRise (Celtics); #Hornets30 (Hornets); #BullsNation (Bulls); #BeTheFight (Cavaliers); #MFFL (Mavericks); #MileHighBasketball (Nuggets); #DetroitBasketball (Pistons); #DubNation (Warriors); #Rockets (Rockets); #Pacers (Pacers); #ClipperNation (Clippers); #LakeShow (Lakers); #GrindCity (Grizzlies); #HEATCulture (Heat); #FeartheDeer (Bucks); #AllEyesNorth (Raptors); #DoItBig (Pelicans); #NewYorkForever (Knicks); #ThunderUp (Thunder); #PureMagic (Magic); #HereTheyCome (76ers); #TimeToRise (Suns); #RipCity (Trail Blazers); #SacramentoProud (Kings); #GoSpursGo (Spurs); #WeTheNorth (Raptors); #TeamIsEverything (Jazz); #DCFamily (Wizards)

The Jazz social media team put fans at ease, assuring them that both hashtags would be used at various times.

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"Imagine having a child (#TakeNote) and then having another one and loving it and they'll both be in family photos (the internet) and one does not replace the other, it's just expanding the family. (shrugging symbol)"

To that tweet, @5kl facetiously pointed out that Utah is not in original territory, noting that the San Antonio Spurs previously used the slogan.

"Tell the second kid he's adopted," @5kl wrote.

It should be noted, however, that the 2007-08 Spurs team, coming off of a 2007 NBA championship, won 56 games and made it to the Western Conference Finals. The Jazz could have chosen a worse hashtag to revive.