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Air India has grounded two pilots who crashed a plane into a wall on takeoff.

SALT LAKE CITY ― A flight going from Trichy, India, to Dubai was diverted to Mumbai after flying three hours in an aircraft that had received extensive damage during take off, according to CNN.

According to the Indian news station NDTV, the Air India plane had been traveling down the runway at about 155 miles per hour when it struck a barrier wall on the airport’s perimeter.

All 130 passengers and 6 crew members are safe. The only injuries that occurred were to the wall and the plane, according to BBC.

The pilots, who were seemingly unaware of the damage to the Boeing 737, reported that "all systems were functioning normally."

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"They scraped the underbelly, had it been a bit lower, that would have been the end," a pilot, who was not from the flight, told NDTV.

NDTV reported that the plane's body had “tears, cracks and dents that were potentially very dangerous” and that there was “incredible damage to the belly.”

Parts of the plane's antenna were also found at the Trichy airport, an officer reportedly said.

The flight was still diverted to Mumbai as a precaution.

According to USA Today, the pilot and copilot, who have over 6,500 hours of flight experience combined, have been grounded and an investigation is underway.