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Wong Maye-E, AP
Ingmar De Kegel of Belgium waits at the check-in counter of Singapore Airlines flight SQ22 to Newark on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018, in Singapore. The world's longest flight is taking travelers from Singapore to New York. Operated by Singapore Airlines, the trip will take less than 19 hours. Skipping a stopover in Frankfurt shaves as much as 6 hours off traveling time, the carrier said. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

SALT LAKE CITY — CNN’s Richard Quest flew on the world’s longest nonstop flight from Singapore to New York this week.

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In a live blog for CNN, Quest explained that the flight, which was done by Singapore Airlines, lasted 17 hours and covered more than 16,700 kilometers in the sky.

  • The flight’s path went from the northern Pacific Ocean, over Alaska, through northern Canada and then into New York.
  • Two teams, which each have a captain and first officer, shared the flying responsibilities.
  • The two teams change every three to five hours. When not flying the plane, the other team will find time to sleep.

The flight landed after more than 17 hours in the air on Friday morning.

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