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"Watch and Be Ready: Preparing Spiritually for the Second Coming of Christ" is by Brent L. Top.

"WATCH AND BE READY: Preparing for the Second Coming of Christ," by Brent L. Top, Deseret Book, $16.99, 130 pages (nf)

There are many books about the prophecies and signs of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming, but “Watch and Be Ready” is not one of them. Instead, author Brent L. Top focuses on the importance of being ready at any time for that expected event and why that, instead of focusing on the actual date of when Christ will come again, is of greater importance.

Kenny Crookston, Brigham Young University
Brent L. Top is the author of "Watch and Be Ready: Preparing Spiritually for the Second Coming of Christ."

Divided into four parts, “Watch and Be Ready” first explains when the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will occur. It then goes on to marvelously clarify that, while many will not be alive when Christ descends to earth, each will at one point have their own experience of meeting Jesus Christ again and the necessity of being spiritually prepared for that occurrence.

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Top delves into several scriptural parables to explain how easy it can be for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to forget the vital necessity of spiritual preparedness. Top’s interpretation of the Parable of the Talents is especially enlightening. While many use this parable to instruct how to magnify God-given gifts, Top instead shows that this parable can be meant to instruct Christ’s earthly disciples how to prepare for his future arrival.

Top then describes the blessings of being spiritually ready and the vital importance of continuously standing in holy places to maintain this preparation. He explains how connected the church is to Jesus Christ, and his dynamite explanation of how taking a break from one means stepping away from the other is powerfully compelling.

Top is Brigham Young University’s dean of religious education. A popular speaker and author of several books, he lives with his wife in Pleasant Grove.