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Here is a thought experiment. Suppose women get so mad over the Kavanaugh confirmation that Democrats get control of the House and Senate.

President Trump, wanting to be considered “the greatest president ever,” decides to become an advocate of average Americans. He and Democrats pass affordable health care for all, a simple graduated income tax (where the first $30K is taxed at 1 percent, the next $30K at 2 percent and so on with income over $1M plus paying 50 percent, no loopholes, no gimmicks), a gradually increasing carbon tax creating jobs (building efficient vehicles and buildings) and cleaning our environment, reasonable gun regulation, etc.

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He fires his entire Cabinet and puts in place people who will support the agencies they oversee. He works off a list of progressive judges and justices to fill court positions. For average Americans, taxes would go down. By taxing the rich at higher rates, there would be more revenue for social programs, for improved infrastructure, and to help bring down the deficit. Our economy would be more stable and perform better. Working Americans would have health care, affordable housing and money to spend.

Yes, this is not likely, but it is refreshing to imagine.

Mark Rothacher

Salt Lake City