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Between Oct. 1-5, representatives from over 130 countries met in Inchon, South Korea, to discuss progress made at keeping the carbon emissions commitments made at the Paris Climate Accord.

Many countries are lagging behind in meeting their commitments. Worst still, the United States, the world’s second largest contributor to emissions, has decided to try to back out of the accord. Meeting the Paris Accord commitments won’t be easy, but we have to so future generations will inherit a livable planet.

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Last year, humans added 41 billion tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. Scientists have long warned about the effect this CO2 will have on global temperatures. In 1971, the Deseret News published a letter to the editor that I wrote. I quoted the Encyclopedia Britannica as saying, “By dumping huge amount of carbon into the air, we are performing an experiment on our atmosphere without knowing what the consequences will be."

Economists have argued that the most effective way of reducing CO2 emissions would be to have a fee on carbon emissions at the source: the well, mine or port of entry. Nobody likes tax increases, so the fee should be revenue neutral. The revenues collected could be used to offset other taxes or they could be returned to the American people in the form of a monthly dividend.

Russell Patterson

West Valley City