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Lindon Police Sgt. Josh Edwards gives a thumbs up while 17-year-old Cameron Braithwaite smiles after recovering his bagpipes that were stolen from his car Sept. 20, 2018.

LINDON — Police officers are asked to help track down stolen items all the time, and sometimes the items stolen can be a little odd.

For one teen, the item taken was unique and extremely sentimental.

Seventeen-year-old Cameron Braithwaite loves playing the bagpipes.

“I was about 9 years old and I saw a picture of a bagpiper and I just wanted to learn,” he said.

He’s been playing ever since.

“My band goes to local Scottish festivals,” he said.

But that almost came to an end.

“I went to my trunk and noticed that my bagpipes were missing,” he said.

On Sept. 20, someone broke into his car parked outside his Lindon home and stole the bagpipes.

“It was just devastation and embarrassment, too,” he said. “My mom always told me to keep them in the house and lock my car.”

He called Lindon police to report the theft of the $2,000 instrument.

Sgt. Josh Edwards said the teen asked him: "What the possibilities of getting the bagpipes (back)?"

Edwards replied that "in 18 years of taking (reports), this is the only case of bagpipes that I've ever taken."

Edwards did some detective work, eventually reaching out to other departments, asking them to be on the lookout for the bagpipes.

“Those kind of stand out a bit,” Edwards noted.

Turns out, bagpipes don’t get stolen very often.

“About five minutes later, I get a call from a Pleasant Grove sergeant saying, 'Hey we have your bagpipes,'" Edwards said.

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The instrument had gone for a ride in a stolen vehicle that Pleasant Grove police recovered.

Thanks to Edwards, the teen and his bagpipes were reunited last week.

“We went to his (Sgt. Edward’s) office and they were there, and I was just so happy,” Cameron said.

Edwards doubts he will ever need to track down a stolen item like that again, and Cameron doesn’t plan on them ever being stolen again.

“(I will) definitely lock my car and not leave valuables in the car because anything can happen,” Cameron said.