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Steve Griffin, Deseret News
The Utah State Aggies carry the Old Wagon Wheel to midfield after defeating the Cougars and retaining the wheel at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo on Friday, Oct. 5, 2018.

Before riding off into the sunset on this one, here’s a look back at a few things you may have missed from Utah State’s dominant 45-20 rivalry win over BYU from Friday night:

The Old Wagon Wheel, the traveling trophy between the Aggies and Cougars, is headed back to Logan. USU beat BYU 40-24 last year, and brought the trophy to Provo in case it needed to be handed off.

It didn’t, and Utah State center Quin Ficklin, who started his college career at BYU, had a perfect response for the unnecessary trip.

“I feel like we might have wasted a little bit of gas bringing it down,” he deadpanned.

Another dance routine

BYU's mascot, Cosmo, is known for his antics and dance moves. Following the first quarter on Friday night, he again performed with the Cougarettes. Here’s the full routine:

Silencing the Cougars

After Utah State quarterback Jordan Love capped a scoring drive with a 2-yard touchdown early in the fourth quarter, the sophomore created one of the most iconic moments of the night by placing his right index finger to his lips, a sign to silence the BYU crowd.

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That touchdown gave the Aggies a commanding 42-13 lead, and while the motion drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from the officials, one USU fan took the opportunity to mimic his QB’s silencing motion as the penalty was announced (watch the top of the screen in the video below).

Like QB, like fan, and the Cougars were silenced by USU again.

It was a good night for Aggie fans in general, and the win even got a response for first-year USU men’s basketball coach Craig Smith.

Toppling Cosmo

During one of the on-field promotions at LaVell Edwards Stadium, Cosmo took on a pair of fans, as all were wearing giant bubbles. The goal for the two fans was to knock over Cosmo, with the winner being the first to do so.

Well, let's just say Cosmo went heels over head on this promotion.