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An antique doll from the 1880s was allegedly stolen from a store in Provo on Aug. 31, 2018. The doll was recovered when the alleged thieves returned to the same store to sell other items, police said.

PROVO — A man and woman face criminal charges after allegedly stealing an antique doll from a Provo shop and later returning to the same store to sell another stolen item, according to court documents

Michael Cummings, 37, and Kimberlee Emig Gribbon, 36, appeared in 4th District Court on Monday on charges of theft, a second-degree felony, and theft by receiving stolen property, a class B misdemeanor.

On Aug. 31, Cummings and Gribbon visited Cat's Cradle Antiques, 168 W. Center Street, according to a probable cause statement. They carried into the store a bag that held antique porcelain dolls that they tried to sell to the owner of the shop, police said.

The shop owner told Gribbon and Cummings he wasn't interested in the dolls and later observed them looking at a doll that was for sale in the store, according to the statement.

"At one point, the female had even removed the doll from its box and was holding it in her hands," police said.

The doll, from the 1880s, is valued at $6,900, police said.

The store owner then "became distracted" by a strong smell in another part of the store. Cummings and Gribbon — and the expensive porcelain doll — were gone when he returned, police said.

The incident prompted the Provo Police Department to take to social media in the doll's search.

"Have you seen me? Circa 1880 Porcelain Bisque Hew doll with blue glass eyes, the body made of paper mache and wood. On the lower back of the doll there is a blue stamp marking 'Jumeau.' The doll is 11 inches tall with blue shoes that have a keyhole symbol on the bottom and the number 1 in the keyhole," Provo police tweeted.

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Less than three weeks after the doll went missing, Cummings and Gribbon returned to the same shop to sell other antique items, according to court documents. The shop owner asked them to return on a day when his appraiser would be there.

When they returned, the store owner called police, according to the probable cause statement. He told police Gribbon and Cummings were trying to sell him an antique candlestick previously stolen from the shop.

The candlestick still had its original price tag — with the store owner's handwriting on it, the statement says.

Police found the doll when they searched Gribbon and Cummings' vehicle, according to court documents. Charges were filed Sept. 24.