Utah Utes offensive coordinator Troy Taylor watches during practice in Salt Lake City on Aug 2, 2018.

For years, Utah football fans have pined for the Ute offense to be less run-heavy. After the first few games of the 2018 season in which the team has struggled in the passing game, many fans have changed their tune.

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As such, there was a good deal of approval Saturday afternoon during the first half of the Utes' game against the Washington State Cougars given that Utah had 154 rushing yards compared to just 62 passing yards.

The teams are tied at 21.

As the above tweet noted, the Utah defense struggled against the Cougars' Air Raid offense after coming into the day having the nation's best defense.

Washington State has 286 passing yards at halftime.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Utes game without targeting, as Washington State was called for one early in the first quarter.